Glock 45 For Sale


Glock 45 For Sale.


Glock 45 For Sale in Indiana

Best for home defense or duty weapon . Its light slide , better muzzle-flip and larger grip makes it the best for control and efficiency . The Glock 45 for sale in indiana is known to many as the gen 5.5 mainly because it’s a more advanced version of the gen 5 , This should be on everyone’s holsters because it is  a remarkable master piece , law enforcement officers and normal citizens can use this weapon because it can serve both for duty and home defense .

Looking for a reliable and versatile handgun that can handle any situation in indiana? Look no further than the Glock 45, now available for sale at firearminc in Indiana. This powerful and accurate firearm is the perfect choice for anyone who values safety and performance. With its lightweight frame, easy-to-use controls, and innovative design, the Glock 45 delivers unparalleled accuracy and control, ensuring that you can handle any situation with ease. So why wait? Order your Glock 45 today and experience the ultimate in firearm performance and reliability.


  1. Caliber – 9×19
  2. Length – 7.44”
  3. Slide Length – 6.85”
  4. Height – 5.47”
  5. Width – 1.34”
  6. Barrel – 4.02”
  7. Rounds – 19.

The glock 45 offers enough space for 17 to 19 rounds , what we have available are 19 rounds.

Glock 45 Mos For Sale in indiana 2023

Taking all the benefits of a gen 5 to produce a better version is just what you gotta love that about glocks  , the reversible magazine catch match the handgun accurate both for left and right handed shooters , the new back strap enables you to instantly customize its grip in to any size of your choice.


  1. Cartridge –  9mm
  2. Rounds – 17 +1
  3. Weight – 24.52
  4. Action – semi-automatic
  5. safety –  Trigger Block safety
  6. Frame – polymer

Here at Firearminc. we have both the G45 and the G45 mos available new , manufactured by Glock inc. Once you make a purchase , please include your FFL delivery address , if you do not have one , we will provide one for you which is closest to your delivery address. Thank you for shopping With us .

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G45, G45 MOS


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